Posted by: monscartrux | May 23, 2009

Blank-bot with jackhammer arm

Picture 004

Picture 010

Picture 009

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Blank Bot in package

here are some shots of the finished blank-bot model




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blank turn


construction turn


gladiator turn

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add on Design

Gladiator bot


Construction bot


Posted by: monscartrux | April 22, 2009

More Ideation


Here are some of the robots I drew to get the Blank-Bot final design. The big guy is pretty much what I have decided will be the final design for the blank-bot.

Posted by: monscartrux | April 22, 2009

Try this on for size


Get your own Blank-Bot fresh off the presses (but not really right now they are all just drawings).


Posted by: monscartrux | April 14, 2009

Dear All,

Hey, my name is Dash Krehel and I am an Industrial Designer, or at least I’m trying to be one. This site exists to show off my work for my thesis project. For my thesis project I am designing a toy line made to increase imagination and interaction through customization.

One thing that I have become tired of seeing in the toy world is Spider Man toys, or Power Ranger toys. Not that I have any thing against Spider Man or the Power Rangers, I am just tired of seeing toys that say: This is who you are, what you do, what you look like, where you live, this is your enemy and what he looks like and blah blah blah. I feel this takes away from a childs most powerful play tools, their imagination.

That’s where My toy line (right now I am calling it Blank-bots) comes in. Blank-bots is a toy line where a blank robot would be sold as well as different add-on packs that could be mixed and matched, allowing the user to create their own robot, encouraging them to make their own story and world. Hopefully breaking the cycle of getting a child a toy that corresponds with their favorite TV show, so the kid can hold their toy while they watch TV, instead of having to think for themselves.

So I’ll load up some drawings soon and also a fun project for any takers!